Conceptual Works

During his musical career Gianni Mimmo has unfolded his considerations the problematic relationship between composition and performance, partaking and fruition, social role of the artist in the society, through a body of work including: productions, writings, interviews, liners about works of other artists and original projects based on natural phenomena and their sublimation in music.

Here following some examples:

Recorded in 2005 the music of “Kursk_Truth In The End” becomes a DVD produced for Amirani Records. The work is a dreamlike interpretation/re- consideration of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk tragedy occurred in 2000 in the cold waters of the Barents Sea. Starting from an extremely accurate recording of a performance by Gianni Mimmo, Angelo Contini and Xabier Iriondo in an italian ancient church and then working on the music as on a real storyboard, this is a thrilling, touching work about the tragically epic death of 118 sailors, a modern enigma between the truth and the powerful political arrogance.
Drama is explored in an imaginative creative way from launch to point of no return, Elda Papa’s photos and Agua Mimmo’s movie along with Xabier Iriondo’s sound treatments keep each tragedy step in its epic- metaphorical aspect.

In 2008 Mimmo produces an album titled “On War” on his Amirani Records asking many musicians, each one with their own project, to operate a conceptual investigation of the conflicted relationship among human beings.
All tracks have been originally composed for this album/goal.

 “Turbulent Flow” has been released in 2012 by a co-production of Amirani records and Teriyaki Records. It’s a recording of the duo with the brilliant NY cellist Daniel Levin. The duo has performed some successful concerts in Northern Italy, at Vision Festival (Art for Art/Evolving Music Serie 2012) in New York and at Douglas Street Music Collective in Brooklyin.
The concept of turbulence is really close to this music: elements, added or subtracted or transformed, are flowing in constant re-combining possibility and delivering new perspectives and developments.
The album, completed by a fantastic liner by Gilles Laheurte, received many extremely positive reviews.
Here the musical elements deal with expansion and compression of their dynamic weights in relation with the time, the texture and the melodic lines.
A deep complexity is crossed here with great concentration, and surrender at the same time, a surprising labyrinth of unlikely symmetries and poetics.

In the first part 2012 Gianni Mimmo presents a project based on a study of the sea tides systems: TIDAL-Amphidromic Cotidal.
Supported by Fondazione Pierluigi e Natalina Remotti whose Contemporary Museum in the beautiful Italian seaside town Camogli is also used as recording location and concert hall, the work has been released with the collaboration among Amirani Records, GRIM (Gruppo di Ricerca Improvvisazione Musicale), Teriyaki Records.
For this purpose Mimmo puts together a very peculiar wind quartet named “A Windy Season” featuring a chamber oriented instrumentation line-up:

Gianni Mimmo on soprano sax, Mirio Cosottini on trumpet and flugelhorn, Angelo Contini on trombone, didjeridoo, thunder drum, jew’s harp, seashell, Alessio Pisani on bassoon and contra-bassoon.
The elaborated concept focuses on transitions, stillness, recombination, collisions generation of the musical elements deriving from the observation of the tides cycles. A dance of elements, a fluid structure, solidly multi-centered, with live nerve-endings. A pulsing network responsive to environments, and to lateral inputs as well, but at the same time, conscious of the whole creative ongoing process”.