Film Live Soundtracking, Heraclitus-Luminosi Frammenti, Works for Dance

Beyond many works with video-makers two main live sound-tracking projects deserve to be mentioned:

“Mistaking Monks play on Sayat Nova”
Mistaking Monks is a trio with Xabier Iriondo on table guitars and Cristiano Calcagnile on percussions. The project is born to perform a live soundtrack on the visionary film Sayat Nova, by Georgian/Armenian director Serghei Paradjanov.
It has been performed in many situations: concert halls, cinemas, house concerts, social centres, film festival and venues.
The music recorded has been released in 2012 by PhonoMetak Labs on a cd titled “Mantic”.
Described by Federico Fellini “ One of the greatest cinema magicians ever”, by Michelangelo Antonioni “Among the best directors of the contemporary cinema, master of beauty and perfection”, by Tarkowsky “The man with a paradoxal poetic and freedom”, Serghei Pardajanov really embodies one of the highest results of poetic expression in filming.. Paradjanov has an extremely original intellectual angularity, a refined artistic skill, able of a perfect synthesis between theatre and mythology, image and narrative force, dream and premonition. His famous “Tableaux Vivants” with their formal perfection and pulsing symbolism make his filming incomparable and unmistakable.  “Sayat Nova”, also known as “Colour of the Pomegranate” is considered his highest masterpiece. Surprising in its symbolic modernity, this relationship between music and image can’t be didactic. The involvement is deeper and dramatic. We’re dealing here with a contemporary key re-reading of the film, a reciprocal and re-morphing relationship between the image and sound.
Strong, imaginative, spiritual images find in music a sort of translation, conduction, explication an another level.

 “Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed” by Lotte Reiniger (1926) live soundtrack. Commissioned by the international film festival “Bergamo Film-Meeting” 2016 in collaboration with Bergamo Jazz 2016, this live soundtrack is completely built on a time score realized on the extraordinaire film by the seminal director Lotte Reiniger. The live soundtrack is played by Gianni Mimmo on soprano sax and electronics and has been acclaimed as a visionary re-reading of this pioneering film. The composition investigates different narratives aspects: linearity and subliminal suggestions.

“Heraclitus-Luminosi Frammenti” is one of the main works on text scores Gianni Mimmo wrote. The initial idea dates back in1986, after the reading of two different critical analysis about the remaining fragments of the greek philosopher Heraclitus. After few partial performances of the work in the past years, it finally has been entirely played in the church of Santa Maria degli Amalfitani in Monopoli in 2013 thanks to the support by the Cultural Association Talking Lands in its trio version with Gianni Mimmo on sax soprano, Gianni Lenoci on piano and electronics and Nicholas Isherwood bass-baritone singer. The score includes some theatrical gestures including fire-eating/spitting, ritual movements and collective lament.

Among the several dance works, the long-term collaboration with dancer Marcella Fanzaga deserves to be mentioned: with her Gianni performed in Italy and Switzerland in works like “MooooveMe” (2004-2009) and the Meeting Point experience involving dancers from all Europe.

Gianni is a part of the project “Swan, a poetic body” by the brilliant american dancer Martina L. Young. It has very successfully been performed in Italy and is set up to further develop in 2017

The collaboration with Austrian dancer Sebastian Prantl has been performed in the famous Colourscape in UK and Finland (2012-13)

The work “Panji- Archaetypal Dance” has been performed in different groups thanks to the collaboration with Javanese Court Dancer Mr. Norontako Bagus Kentus.
This last work has been performed in Switzerland and Italy also in May 2016 in a new version including Gianni Lenoci on piano/electronics and Los Angeles based wind player and composer Vinny Golia.