Gianni Mimmo started his solo performances on soprano sax in 2000.
The solo concert is considered by Mimmo: “Something special: something beautiful (because the possibility to match one’s sound with silence is a terrific opportunity to deal with chosen “areas to play on”, tools to work with, horizontalities and verticalities, dynamics weight and empty-full objects...) and terribly challenging (because those same silences are going to unveil your licks, your sudden lack of concentration, leaving you naked out there...)
A solo is a mirror asking for special concentration, responsibility and openness [willingness] to get lost...”.
He played solo concerts in UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, France and USA

Two albums are been released featuring Gianni in solo:
The first is “One Way Ticket” (Amirani Records 2005) with pieces coming from composers like Lacy, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Anton Webern, Roscoe Mitchell and other original compositions by himself.                       The second solo album is “Further Consideration” (Tarzan Records 2015) on a limited edition vinyl LP produced by Andrea Dolcino and Fabrizio Testa.
The work is entirely inspired and dedicated to painters Piet Mondrian, Mario Sironi and to the late Gilles Laheurte (author, soprano sax player, architect, producer, inspirational figure and friend).

The use of extended techniques, the result of intense hard work on the instrument, is never “encyclopaedic”, but a function of an aesthetics that looks carefully at the relationship between monodic sound and silence.

Both the albums have been excellently reviewed.