Live at Bauchhund Berlin 2010

Gianni Mimmo & Harri Sjöström -Elliptical by Amirani Records

October, 2011
Gianni Mimmo / Harri Sjöström
Amirani Records

_ introduction
_ tag-soup
_ uncovered-pointed
_ curtain and beyond
_ threshold song
_ twin constellation
_ lied
_ elliptical
_ facing the distance
_ spirals


Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone on right channel
Harri Sjöström _ soprano saxophone on left channel


music _ istant compositions by Harri Sjöström &Gianni Mimmo
recording _ Live at Baucchund Salonlabor Berlin, 2010, June the 4th
sound engineer, mixing, mastering _ Patrick Römer, Unisono studio, Berlin
cover photo _ Elda Papa
inside photo _ Manuela “Shanu” Vallaro
graphics _ Mirko Spino
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records
Thanks to Christoph Böhm and the Bauchhund staff