Fall 2016 News

September 21-24, 2016 MONOPOLI, ITALY
Greek film directors Chrysa Tzelepi and Akis Kersanidis will spend some days shooting and interviewing me and Gianni Lenoci for their documentary work titled “in Situ”. 
“In Situ” investigates how some musicians , active on the improvised/contemporary european music scene, live, think, organize their live and take care of their own artistic path.
"In Situ” is produced by Ilma Tyrbetary of ANEMICINEMA, a very active and independent shooting crew based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
In the same four intense days Chrysa and Akis will film quite a number of live performances, rehearsals, live studio recording sessions, discussion panels and teaching as well.

October 7-8
Fresh new collaboration with contemporary artist/sculptor/performer Mr. William Xerra. I’ll play a solo music piece on his sculpture/installation titled San Sebastiano, a mesmerizing sort of wooden trunks placed in a stunning former winter garden in the historical center of Piacenza.
William Xerra is definitely a very personal, original artist and his works have been extremely well considered since the 60s. 
Sincereness, thoughtfulness along with an instinctive attitude to perform and sublimate his own observations in elegant art gestures seem to be his best atout.
I feel honored to be part of this.