Collaboration with soprano saxophonist Harri Sjöström

Gianni and Harri (active member of the European Improvised music scene and member of the Cecil Taylor quintet) met in the late winter of 2009. Both devoted to the soprano saxophone and both pupils of the great Steve Lacy, they plan to start what Mimmo calls “mirroring duo” recording. In the June of the next year they record “Live at Bauchhund, Berlin 2010” a successful cd out for Amirani Records in 2010 that has been nominated a “Must have album” by AAJ-Italy.

Since then the duo has performed more than 35 concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Finland and UK. The “Mirroring” formula makes possible a continuous shifting of the attention areas, with intervallic/oblique narrative lines and corrosive contrappunto strategies. Their playing is double-faced: sometimes we have parallel lines, sometimes contrasts between a melodic and a textural attitude, sometimes terrific unison, chamber warmth and childish lullabies.

The collaboration between Gianni and Harri evolves too in conceiving larger ensembles with very unusual line-up in order to develop more complex multi- perspective music, non-linear systems and a multi-level generated events.
Their first ensemble is Quartetto Internazionale involving UK violinist Alison Blunt and German turn-tablist Ignaz Schick. The quartet plays in Germany and in a tour in Finland giving concerts in Helsinki and Turku in 2014.
In 2015 Gianni and Harri lead Sestetto Internazionale in an intense tour in Finland and Germany with concerts in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lovisa, Berlin, Jena, Nordhausen, Bremen etc.
They play at the JAZZantì Festival Helsinki, Free Okapi ry Festival Lovisa, Zaum-fest Turku, Sound Scapes in Tampere.
The line-up is absolutely intriguing: Gianni Mimmo (I) on soprano sax, Harri Sjöström (SU) on soprano & sopranino saxes, Alison Blunt (UK) on violin, Achim Kaufmann(DE) on piano, Ignaz Schick on turntables, Veli Kujala on micro-tonal accordion. The ensemble explores action and re-action strategies, generative collisions, dissonance and turbulence of musical elements, timbre explorations, extended techniques, graphic scoring and conduction.
Sestetto Internazionale live concerts at Kanneltalo Theatre in Helsinki and at the Sibelius Museum in Turku have been recorded and will be released in 2017. Gianni Mimmo has been supported by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Helsinki for his cultural activity in Finland in 2015.