Glance and Many Avenues (Live at Apex, Göttingen 2013)

Reciprocal Uncles With Ove Volquartz - Graciously Flowing Shadow by Amirani Records

Aprile, 2015
Reciprocal Uncles With Ove Volquartz
Amirani Records

1. Schönberg slides on boulevard Dali.
2. Flowerpiercers on Cecil rd.
3. Zögernd in der Weberngasse
4. Blaues Schichtengeflecht
5. Act not re-act
6. Graciously flowing shadows
7. Almost presto


Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone
Ove Volquartz _ bass and contrabass clarinets
Gianni Lenoci _ piano
Cristiano Calcagnile _ drums


Music _ Instant compositions by Calcagnile, Lenoci, Mimmo, Volquartz
Live recording _ March the 19th, 2013, at The Apex, Göttingen, Germany
Mixing _ Cristiano Calcagnile
Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy
Graphics _ Mirko Spino
Production _ Reciprocal Uncles
Executive production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Thanks to Andreas Thamm for his precious help