Kursk _ Truth In The End

Giugno, 2007
Gianni Mimmo, Xabier Iriondo, Angelo Contini, Elda Papa, Agua Mimmo
Amirani Records

_1st interlude
_2nd interlude
_time has a part
_shortwave path
_3rd interlude
_point of no return
_truth in the hand


gianni mimmo _ soprano sax, voice, zenith L600 shortwave radio
angelo contini _ trombone
xabier iriondo _ live electronics
elda papa _ photos 
agua mimmo _ filming, editing, visual ensemble, authoring

music _ gianni mimmo angelo contini
processing, accurate mixing, additional sounds _ xabier iriondo 
russian voice _ davide baldi
recording _ january 2005 “spazio rosso tiziano”/church of s.nazzaro-s. genesio, 
piacenza, italy, by courtesy of mr. maurizio sesenna
sound engineers _ xabier iriondo & lorenzo dal ri
mastering _ march 2007 maurizio giannotti, bips studio, milano, italy
graphics _ mirko spino
production _ gianni mimmo for amirani records