Maggio, 2018
Satoko Fujii, Joe Fonda, Gianni Mimmo
Long Song Records
  1. Available Gravity
  2. Birthday Girl
  3. Accidental Partner
  4. No More Bugs
  5. Joe Melts The Water Boiler

JOE FONDA: double bass, flute
GIANNI MIMMO: soprano saxophone
All music composed by Joe Fonda (GEMA), Satoko Fujii (BMI) and Gianni Mimmo

Recorded October 9th 2017 at Real Sound Studio, Milano, Italy
Sound Engineers: Paolo Falascone, Ettore Gilardoni
Editing, mixing, mastering: New Mastering Studio, Milano Italy
Sound Engineer: Maurizio Giannotti

Liner note by Gianni Mimmo
Artwork  by Elena Raffa
Produced by Fabrizio Perissinotto

An open sky, a few generous clouds, some generative perspectives, the enchantment of dust particles sparkling in a calm, slanting light.
The contemplative threshold suddenly yields ground to intriguing densities, geometrical tria-logues, intertwining lines.
Exquisite music that deals with magic suspensions, polyhedral dances, bright complexities:
The elements are just falling into place and distant paths all relate, then.
A mystical quality lies here.